Elévateur transversal Transmanut
about 1 month

Elévateur transversal Transmanut

Description :

  • Capacité maximale : 4,5 T
  • Poids à vide : 5,8T
  • N/S 1072-06-09
  • Moteur Diesel
  • Cabine DENIZET 30$0036
  • Fourches : 135 cm
  • Dimension d'encombrement : 250 x 220 cm x 300 cm
  • Hauteur du mat : 300 cm , Hauteur max : +- 6000 cm
  • Etat : en fonctionnement
  • Enlèvement par l'acheteur et uniquement sur RDV préalable

Remarks on coronavirus

  • In response to the government's action on the coronavirus and to protect the health of our buyers and employees, the removal of the goods will be spread over the day
  • Each buyer will be notified personally and will be given a time slot to remove their property
  • If the storage of the lots does not allow a safe distance between people, the removal may be postponed

General remarks:

  • The buyer is supposed to have visited the items before his bidding in anticipation of the possible dismantling, disconnection or any other handling for the withdrawal of his purchase

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